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'Dino' is a team of programmers specialized in web and program development. Our senior developers have a proven track record of building scalable, high-performance program and web applications. Our team has superior programming skills and extensive experience developing in C# & ASP.NET, Flash (Actionscript 3.0), HTML5 (Canvas Applications), jQuery (+ jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile), SQL & Databases (SQL Server, MySQL), Facebook Graph API, Google API (Maps, Street View, etc.), PHP, PhoneGap and more. Our team has extensive experience working with and configuring source code control and analysis tools and unit testing frameworks.We offer a variety of services related to software development, web development, Facebook applications, native mobile applications, Flash & HTML5 games and many more. We will take on any challenge you throw at us and will submit your finished project right on time for your finishing touches.
Our mission is to keep you from stressing over your project.

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When it comes to fast, secure and reliable code- we are your best bet!
Add quality service into it, and you have the perfect combination.
Let us worry about your 'technological headache'. Our goal is to keep you at ease when it comes to your technical development.

Web Development

From small websites for local businesses, to large-scale platforms.
We create and develop websites and web applications of any kind.
You may opt to integrate with Facebook, Google services, Payment processors and more; If it's out there, we can do it!

Game Development

We produce creative games using HTML5, Flash and other technologies, provide dynamic products that can easily keep up with every new version of your game. We put extra effort to achieve the best gameplay we can get -
Hey, after all, we are gamers ourselves!

Facebook Applications

We develop Facebook canvas applications, tabs for Facebook pages, website, desktop and mobile applications that integrates with Facebook. Wouldn't you prefer log into your website using Facebook instead of keeping track of all your passwords?

Desktop Applications

Whether you want to create a new accounting system for your organization or you want to develop a new plug-in for your web browser, desktop development is one of our specialities.
We provide cross-platform development to have your application run anywhere!

Mobile Applications

iPhone, Andoroid, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices, and don't get us started with tablets - We create mobile applications for any kind of platform, providing native development and cross-platform support to assure everyone is able to use your application!

Security & Pentest

Security is our middle name!
We provide secure development and penetration testing services, thus, you can rest assured your applications and websites are fully secured. Not sure about your current website's security? Contact us and let us test it for you!

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