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Our Clients

We are working with DINO for quite some time.
The staff at DINO are being challenged by us over and over again in the technology aspect, the schedule aspect and ofcourse - the service.
Each and every time - they are nailing it, proving us they are the best.
The service is always pleasant and on spot, the professionalism is very high, they always provide creative solutions to our problems and they are always there for even a consulting session just to get better in the next project.

Max Shcherbakov
Co-Founder & CEO at Hooligans

DINO are our technological partners for several years, They have provided us with various projects - landing pages, native mobile apps, big data softwares etc.
Through our journey together, they have shown high professionalism and gave us the best and most innovative solutions.
No doubt these are the people to turn to when you're in need.

Naftali Yechilzuke
Executive Vice President at Target Market Group

I've been working with DINO for a couple of years.
I choose to work with DINO as my primer technology supplier thanks to their great service.
They will give me the best solution for my projects already on the UI phase and this shows how professional they are. They will also help with solving issues during the project, always with a smile and a good word.

Michael Shely
Head of production at Baumann Ber Rivnay

We have been using the great DINO services for over 5 years, both on interactive products which makes the Keshet TV shows more accessible to the audience and on special products designed for our online advertisers.
DINO provides 360' service - including UI/UX and hosting it on their servers, one stop shop.
We are a very demanding client, the kind of client that has very short deadlines and always wants to make changes during the process, DINO are always open to changes and we can rely on their professionalism in always giving back the best product possible in the shortest time.
You can be sure that every time I need anything related to technology, DINO will be the first call.

Ofer Naor
VP Products at Keshet Broadcasting

The staff at DINO shown Professionalism very early on our work together. They provided a very high quality products although all the major changes we had during the process.
Most important, thay are first humans with great service.

Roy Royz
Head of Digital Production at Adler Chomski & Varshabski

we areDino

We are the dinosaurs. Our friends call us Dino. We develop dreams into technology of every kind. We don`t do off-the-shelf, we tailor-make products to fit all needs. We believe that a good project starts with a detailed specification that leaves no stone unturned: planning the user and managing interfaces, software development and of course a thorough QA - a perfectionist`s favorite. The process includes full support from our Dino-team, both before and after your product is up and running. Our aggregated knowledge and experience, combined with the ability to pay close attention to the ever-changing market, allows our super Dino-programmers to supply quality, clever and efficient tech products to fit all needs. Dino has developed over 500 different projects for dozens of satisfied clients. We will be honored to be part of your success.

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A word from our team leaders:

Jack Hornian,
Chief of operations:

"They say I'm no people`s person. That I`m too serious. But let them be creative and nice, someone must make sure that everything happens on time, on budget, and just right on perfect."

Franky long-neck,
head of accounts:

"We take much pride in our customer service.
Our moto - clients equal Family, always have, since way back in Jurassic."

Head of development:

"Hate to brag,
but I don`t just know the code - I am the code."

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